GB Pockit Stroller Review

Article Name: “GB Pockit Stroller Review.”

Would you like to hear about the award-winning GB Pockit Stroller? What does the stroller have that impresses parents around the world?

GB Pockit Stroller is one of the best rated lightweight strollers for babies as young as six months up to 5 years. For all those times where you need a backup stroller that you can conveniently fold and pack in the back of your car trunk, a lightweight stroller is what you need.

What are the different types of strollers available?

1.     Jogging stroller

2.     Lightweight umbrella stroller

3.     Full-sized stroller

4.     Double stroller

GB Pockit Stroller is a lightweight umbrella stroller, known for its portability and sleek design.

What are the benefits of a lightweight stroller?

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1. These are lightweight, and they fold compactly. Therefore they are suitable for carrying along while traveling.

2. Most of the lightweight strollers are easy to maneuver around

3. Storage and use are pure with lightweight strollers.

4. Several of these are designed for use up to 5 years of age, and therefore they make valuable additions to the baby gear collection.


What are the safety features you should look for while buying a stroller?

Article Name: “GB Pockit Stroller Review.”

1. Stability of the stroller is something you cannot ignore. It should move smoothly without wobbling or excess movement of the wheels when the child is sitting inside.

2. Presence of wheel locks to control the swivel movement of the wheels

3. Presence of robust parking brakes

4. Presence of a 5-point harness system for safely securing the child in place


GB Pockit Stroller Review

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Are you confused with the plenty of choices available in the lightweight stroller market? Do you find it scary to make a decision that can keep your baby safe and convenient? You are not alone.

Balancing most of the features, the GB Pockit Stroller is the smallest in the world and also the most powerful one in terms of the performance.

The world-famous GB Pockit Stroller comes from Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd. They are a market leader in the world of parenting products.

The company won the prestigious iF Design Gold Award in 2016 and the National Parenting Product Awards winner in the year 2018. These accolades speak volumes about the product’s safety parameters and the overall design.


Here are the key features of the stroller

Article Name: “GB Pockit Stroller Review”

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It contains all the features that are mentioned in the safety aspects section above, and the following are the other features you should know about-


1. Suitable for babies who can steadily hold their head up (6 months and older)

2. It can withstand a maximum weight of 55lbs

3. Easy recline modes to support a child that wishes to sit straight or rest

4. Designed with a 2-step folding frame that can be packed inside the bag that comes along

5. There is a sun-blocking canopy with a UPF50+ rating

One of the strongest traits of the design of this stroller is its weight. It weighs merely 9.5 pounds. This is a travel system-ready design.

The seat angle adjustments on this are effortless, and they lock in place, keeping the baby safe without any jerks.

The inclusion of the shoulder pads is a neat little feature on the 5-point harness. These can conveniently be adjusted based on the child’s position and the position of the backrest.

There are swivel wheels in the front, and the ground clearance is good enough to allow you to use the stroller even on rugged roads.

The handles are spaced in such are way that you would be able to hold the stroller with excellent stability.

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The storage basket at the bottom is spacious and feels strong enough to carry all your baby merchandise for the travel. However, this basket is not covered on all sides, and therefore you should be careful when you stuff it up and use the stroller on uneven roads.

Nearly all the aspects of this stroller are impressive; however, there is one little design change that would have made this a better stroller.

The size of the canopy is quite small and proves to be a futile attachment, especially when the child is sitting upright.

However, adjusting the canopy and pulling it up or down feels quite comfortable. I was able to do it single-handedly while pushing the stroller.

The reclining system on this is not the best in the segment, and there is minimal customization you can do there.

This is an excellent stroller for you if you need something that will grow with the baby and last for years.

If you are ready to spend a little more, there are Pockit+, Pockit Air and Pockit+ All Terrain variants to check out.


Check it out on Amazon.

A final word

For a travel stroller, this one might be a little pricey. However, with its long life and the advanced safety features you get, you will not regret spending on this stroller. It is one of the best-rated strollers in terms of the safety features, and it does weigh light and feel comfortable to use. This is the kind of stroller that your baby would readily hop into, one that you would be happy to push around.


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GB Pockit Stroller Review
GB Pockit Stroller Review 5

GB Pockit Stroller Review Article Name: "GB Pockit Stroller Review." Would you like to hear about the award-winning GB Pockit Stroller? What does the strol

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