How to use Nursing Pillow

In this “How to use nursing pillow” article will help you give a detailed guide on how to use a nursing pillow or breastfeeding pillow for mothers and even fathers.

Nursing pillow known as breastfeeding pillow is the solution for almost all mother around the world. Breastfeeding pillow is a long-term investment, as long as your mother found it handy, and you enjoyed using it.

Usually, most of the mother breastfeed their babies for 3 to 4 months, but if you decide to use this pillow as a long term use, it is much better if you choose the bigger pillow, to handle the weight of your baby because they grow every day.

Once they grow bigger and bigger, there is no problem for a bigger pillow to handle the weight of your babies. But if you use this pillow in short term use, you can select the standard size of this pillow.

There are a variety of designs of nursing pillow out there with different specific functions, choose the pillow where you and your baby are comfortable.

Why is nursing pillow the solution?

Article Name: “How to use nursing pillow.”

This is the solution for almost all parents out there because of its excellent benefits, one benefits of this pillow are to ensure the safety of your baby, rather than to hold your baby by your arms directly, you can use this as their small sleeping bed, to make them feel more comfortable and secure.

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The nursing pillow helps you prevents from having an arm and backache, with the help of its smooth cotton surrounding the pad, it will make you feel comfortable, especially your little ones.

The nursing pillow also uses as support during mothers pregnancy time, as the baby grows inside in mothers tummy your back can strain during the last trimester of your pregnancy time. Prevent backache during pregnancy time by turning the pillow backward, while you are sitting in the chair or in the coach rather than using your stomach, and it will let your backrest and prevent that lower back sore.

What nursing pillow should I choose?

Article Name: “How to use nursing pillow.”

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Most essential for us to mothers is to use the nursing pillow where we are comfortable at, not all the factor that our baby uses this nursing or breastfeeding pillow, select the best nursing pillow size that fits you and where you feel comfortable.

Also, many nursing pillows designed to strap around your torso; the purpose of this is to protect our baby’s head and neck for breastfeeding. Select the nursing pillow that will fit your midsection shortly after birth.

There are different nursing pillows shape out there, the “C,” “O” and the Crescent shape. Don’t know what to choose? Don’t worry because the “C” shaped pillow is a universal nursing pillow and it fits almost all body types, and it provides a quality arm support.

The O-shaped nursing pillows wrap around your body, and it is useful if you need extra support due to complications during pregnancy.

The Crescent shaped nursing pillows, this is similar to the O-shaped nursing pillow, but these pillows are designed to wrap around the side of your body. Although it is not right in smaller women because of the size, cause that it will fall at the back of the chair or sofa, however, some Crescent-shaped pillows are adjustable and fit to designed in different sizes.

When choosing the right nursing pillow, make sure that this pillow is easy to clean, the baby will spit any time unpredictably, find the pad that is easy to clean.

Choose the pillow that you can remove the cover anytime; machine washed it then dry. Some of the pads also come with the foam inserts; it is advisable to hand wash it and laid out bare.

Decide whether you want to fasten or not.

Article Name: “How to use nursing pillow.”

Benefits of fastening the straps are to keep the pillow more secure and stable, prevent your breastfeeding time to any disruptive actions.

But the cons of this, when you fasten the straps it is quite challenging to unfasten them on and off, breastfeeding is unpredictable, it may cause some issues like a baby spitting up. The fastening of the strap may delay you in your response time.

Decide a sitting arrangement on how you feed your baby.

Article Name: “How to use nursing pillow.”

How to use Nursing Pillow 3Sitting arrangement in feeding your baby is essential, ensure that you and your baby are in a comfortable position.

If you decide on lying back position, this position doesn’t need a nursing pillow since you are lying back you are free to cuddle with your baby and watch your baby lay in your chest or stomach.

If you are breastfeeding while sitting in the chair or the sofa, nursing pillow will come up handy to make your baby feel the comfortable feeling, it can support your baby’s neck and head.

Simple Guide using the nursing pillow while breastfeeding

Article Name: “How to use nursing pillow.”

  • Place the nursing pillow or the breastfeeding pillow around your arm, lap, or body where the baby will lay down, depends on what position of the pad you are comfortable.
  • Slowly and gently, lift your baby and place your baby’s feet under your arm, make sure your baby is in a comfortable position.
  • Ease your baby into your nursing pillow, don’t worry the pad will do the work in terms of supporting your baby.
  • Important is to make sure your baby is positioned on his side of his/her tummy facing you because the improper position can cause gastric reflux and difficulty of swallowing.

Now you have a complete idea on how to use the nursing pillow, make sure that always put this detailed guide in your mind to prevent any issues about you and your babies.

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Article Name: “How to use nursing pillow.”





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