Article Name: “What Causes Linea Nigra.”

Hey, mommies are you curious what is that dark spot vertical line in your belly? Well it is called the Linea Nigra which comes from the Latin word “Dark Line”, today what we are talking about “What Causes Linea Nigra.”  

In this “What causes linea nigra” article, you will know what is a Linea Nigra or the pregnancy line.

Linea Nigra or so-called the vertical dark line that appears in your belly during your pregnancy. It is already been there in almost all people’s belly that remains light and it cannot be noticed.

The Linea Nigra or the pregnancy line is a brownish color that appears in your belly during your pregnancy, as days, weeks, months go by the line will slowly appear and it becomes visible. Don’t worry it is all-natural.

It usually shows up and getting darker during the second trimester of your pregnancy, others show within 23 weeks of pregnancy.

What Causes Linea Nigra during pregnancy?


What causes linea nigra? 1

Article Name: “What Causes Linea Nigra.”

Let me get you directly to the point of this, pregnancy hormones are behind the appearance of Linea Nigra which comes for the Latin word “Black Line”.

This condition will cause the darkening of your Linea Alba or the white line that is already in your belly which is never been noticed line.

This is all-natural during pregnancy so no need to worry about the appearance of this dark pregnancy line or call the Linea Nigra.

Well, there is no really specific cause of Linea Nigra, it just came naturally during pregnancy, no need to worry mommies.

How to lessen Linea Nigra during pregnancy?

Article Name: “What Causes Linea Nigra.”

Linea Nigra comes naturally during pregnancy, however there are few tips on how to lessen Linea Nigra or the dark pregnancy line during pregnancy.

First is to Cover It Up, do not spend too much time in the sun during your pregnancy time, recommended to always wear sunscreen that helps you protect your skin or belly to lessen the discoloration during pregnancy, recommended sun protection in your belly is use at least a 30 SPF sunscreen.

Second is to Eat Well, make sure that you eat healthy food during pregnancy, recommended that you should eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains to avoid folic acid deficiency, keep in mind that don’t forget your essential vitamins that is recommended by your doctor.

Always keep in mind, to prevent or to lessen Line Nigra or the pregnancy line is to cover your belly as much as you can. Always wear clothes you are comfortable with.

When does Linea Nigra will fade away?

Article Name: “What Causes Linea Nigra.”

It will gradually fade away few months after your baby was born, just a little patient and take care of yourself.

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Article Name: “What Causes Linea Nigra.”

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