What temperature should baby milk be?

In this “what temperature should baby milk be” blog, will provide detailed, informative guides on what temperature should baby milk be, not just that there are also some small tips on the proper way how to heat your baby’s milk and what method should we avoid to ensure the safety of your babies.

All of us parents around the globe priority the comfort and safety of our babies. When it comes to feeding them, we ensure that the milk they drink is safe and suitable for them.

The recommended water temperature that is good for our baby is around 98.6 degrees because when we mothers breastfeed our babies, the temperature of the milk that our body releases are about 98.6 degrees, which is the best temperature of the liquid. So parents need to meet the exact milk temperature to make our baby drinking comfortable.

What temperature should baby milk be? 1It is essential for us parents in choosing the best milk temperature for our babies. Our babies are sensitive when it comes to their comforts, like drinking their milk on the exact temperature of the liquid; they are vulnerable in the dust, sunlight, dirt, and foods.

There are many ways to heat, but it does not mean all of them are right, doing it wrong will cause a problem like burning your baby’s mouth and contaminating the milk.

Why you are contaminating the milk while heating? Here is why you will taint the milk when you choose the wrong place where to store the milk while heating.

Example of this is the hard plastic. Hard plastic contains “Bisphenol A,” which is a chemical found in much hard plastic that we use every day. Higher doses of this chemical can cause infertility and other health problems.

Heating your baby’s milk in plastic is useful if you use a bottle warmer, keep reading to know any idea what a bottle warmer is.

In this “what temperature should baby milk be” article will give you a simple guide on what milk temperature is the best for our babies.

Where should you heat your baby’s milk?

Article name: -“What temperature should baby milk be?-

The number one thoughts that come in our mind when it comes in where we should heat our liquids are in microwaves and stove-tops, these two heating machines are not advisable.

Heating in microwaves is not advisable, because once you remove the milk inside it will likely to continue cooking, and the temperature of the liquid will increase further, it is more likely you are putting your baby close to the risk of burning their mouth, please be careful parents.

Heating in stove-top is more likely can cause the milk to heat unevenly, warm too quickly, overheat, and overcook at once.

Tip in heating in stove-tops is, you can heat the water by putting it on the liquid container that is plastic-free, wait for a few minutes to boil, after it boils turn off the stove and remove the hot water carefully, put it in the safe place and wait few minutes to make it cool.

Transfer the lukewarm water in your baby’s bottle, put the powdered milk and shake it, make sure that the milk lukewarm that you are hundred percent sure your baby will not hurt and comfortable in drinking the lukewarm water milk. Mothers and Fathers know best!

The best way to make milk warm is, use a bottle warmer.

Bottle warmer will come up handy it is recommended in warming your baby’s milk, it is because due to its fast warming feature.

It will let you know that your baby’s milk is ready to drink, it gives the right warming method that ensures your baby is in the safe drinking condition, you can search it on Amazon site find the best bottle warmer size that fits your baby.

In Conclusion

Article name: -“What temperature should baby milk be?-

What temperature should baby milk be? 2We mothers either fathers sometimes rushed in warming or making milk because of our crying babies, do not panic and always keep in mind that, safety is our main focus in feeding our babies. Smart decision making in how to handle your baby is a must.


Parents, what are your methods in warming your bottles? Leave your thoughts by commenting below.

Thank you for reading.


Article name: -“What temperature should baby milk be?-





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