When to make a baby registry

In this “When to make a baby registry” article will guide you in detail by detail information on when to make a baby registry.

Hey there, parents! Congratulations! A brand new person is about to be born, and that little cutie will surely need tons of new things.

YouWhen to make a baby registry 1 need to set-up first a baby registry. By creating a baby registry, you create a list of gifts you would like for the new baby to receive. Additionally, you will also get the tips that you want for your new baby.

It may range from smaller items like thermometers and milk bottles to cribs and strollers. Additionally, you should also try to include gift suggestions from all price points to accommodate everyone’s budget.

Having a baby registry helps ensure that there aren’t any duplicate purchase because your friends and family will be the ones to pick which ones they will buy for the baby.

In any case, you can return the duplicate items and change them with something else. While going through the registry, your guests may also enjoy several perks.

They may get additional discounts, depending on the store, but be sure to take note of the date limitations and restrictions.

Other stores also offer a variety of services from having their gift-wrapping section to providing free delivery services.

You may feel uncomfortable about telling others what gifts you want for the baby, but remember, baby registries are standard and expected to let go of that uneasiness as most of them may appreciate it.

By doing it, you are giving the gift-giver a favor by making the process easier.

The question now is, when do you start making your baby registry?

Experts recommend that you should start creating your baby registry as early possible. By that, they mean that you should be at least at the beginning of your second trimester or 20 weeks into your pregnancy as creating the list requires a fair amount of time.

However, if you want to know your baby’s gender first before making a list, you need not worry as it will still leave you with enough time to prepare. But you should hurry as more preparations need to be done before your baby’s arrival.

According to tulamama, here is your approximate timeline:

Pregnancy Timeline                                    Activity

Six months of pregnancy                            Create your Baby Registry

6.5 months of pregnancy                            Send out your Baby Shower invitations

7.5 months of pregnancy                            Baby Shower!

9th months of pregnancy                            Celebrate again – Baby’s Here!

Ideally, you should sign up for the registry at least two to three weeks before the event (baby shower, christening, or birthday) and get it done as early as possible as the planning of these activities is a job on its own and getting it done in advance relieves stress.

Here is a list of the top baby registries that hit every budget and style by todaysparent.com:

  1. Target baby registry

They offer free shipping for online orders of over $35. While Target provides a large selection of products, it’s “especially good for finding colorful clothing and fun nursery accents.” You may also enjoy a 15 percent discount on the unpurchased items left in your registry after your baby is born.

You may register here: Target

  1. Amazon baby registry

Prices at Amazon are often the best offered and items will be shipped for free if you spend over $25 or if the gift-giver is an Amazon Prime member. What’s more interesting is that the Amazon baby registry also allows you to add items from other retailers. You may also enjoy a 10 to 15 percent discount as you finish-off-your-registry.

You may register here: Amazon

  1. IKEA baby registry

Although IKEA can’t deliver in vast selection (no bottles and diapers), it makes up for its affordability and simplicity with the items they carry, such as baby toys, changing tables, cribs, and high chairs. It also has a Chip In a feature, which allows your guests to chip in on big-ticket items. However, unlike other registries, they don’t offer a registry-completion program.

When available, your gift-giver may enjoy a family discount pricing if they provide your baby registry number or barcode to the cashier or online checkout.

You may register here: IKEA

  1. Buy Buy Baby registry

You can schedule an in-store appointment with one of the store’s expert registry consultants who will guide you through the store to avoid wandering cluelessly in the aisles. Buy Buy Baby has all your bases covered, from burp clothes to strollers and everything in between. They also offer a completion discount of 10 to 15 percent and 90 days of return policy after your due date.

You may register here: Buy Buy Baby

  1. Kelly’s Closet baby registry

Creating a baby registry at Kelly’s closet is an incredible idea if you’re going through the diaper route as they offer a vast selection of cloth diapers and diaper accessories.

Aside from that, they also provide non-diapering goodies such as baby carriers, burp clothes, natural skincare, and safe teething toys. However, they don’t offer special discounts for items not gifted off the baby registry, but they do have a steady stream of coupons and promotions.

You may register here: Kelly’s Closet

  1. Crate and Kids baby registry

If you open a registry at Crate and kids, you can choose from a wide array of “high-quality furniture and decors” such as baby toys, beddings, cribs, and storage solutions.

They even offer free nursery design services. Like IKEA, you can select a group gift-giving option for big-ticket items so that your family and friends can pitch in. They also offer multiple discounts and 10 percent registry completion discount.

You may register here: Crate and Kids

  1. Walmart baby registry

If your folks don’t love online shopping, it would be convenient for them to go to any Walmart store near them. They carry a wide range of items such as cribs, strollers, baby wash, diapers, and onesies.

However, they don’t have a baby shower registry completion discount, and you need to “make any returns in person.” They do gift you with a free welcome box stuffed with coupons and samples.

You may register here: Walmart

  1. Babylist baby registry

Babylist is a universal baby registry. You can add products from any online retailer you choose.

This means that the changing table you love from IKEA can share registry space with that cute crib from Crate and Kids.

In short, your guests can find and buy everything in one place. You can also register for things not found in stores such as cash contributions toward diapers and service-oriented gift, such as babysitting or pet-sitting when you’re in the hospital.

They offer a “Hello Baby” sample box stuffed with up to $160 worth of samples, together with other coupons and goodies. Plus, they will also give you a one-time-only 10 percent discount on all unpurchased items sold by Babylist, starting from 60 days before your due date up to six months after your due date.

You may register here: Babylist

There you go, parents. We hope we were able to provide you with all the necessary details needed for your baby registry.


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